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4 Runs on Mount Tzouhalem's Best Trails

Shred one of the best trail systems on Vancouver Island!

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

T-Bone Photo: Greg Heil


Mount Tzouhalem rises dramatically above Genoa Bay and the Gulf Islands, located between Vancouver Island’s two largest population centers of Victoria and Nanaimo. From the flanks of Tzouhalem, you can enjoy fantastic views westward of the main island, eastward toward the Gulf Islands, and on a clear day, Mount Baker dominates the southeastern horizon.

As you might imagine, the slopes of this mountain are covered in mountain bike trails. But not just any old trails—this network has earned renown as one of the best trail systems on all of Vancouver Island!

"The Tzou has a wide range of trails to satisfy anyone from relative beginners to expert riders," writes RideCowichan.com. "Here you can find classic cross country riding, descending-focussed tech, high speed flow, and creative wood features along with jumps and drops. There truly is something for everyone at Tzouhalem," they continue.

While you can definitely find some great variety in this trail system, Tzouhalem's most popular trails are definitely its fantastic downhill flow trails. Constructed without the help of earth movers, these hand-built tracks still offer fantastic flow and air opportunities despite their decidedly natural flavor.

The most popular—and longest—flow trail on the mountain is also the easiest, and it is known as Double D. Try Double D on for size first, and if those hits feel comfortable, pedal back up for a run down Resurrection! And if you really want a challenge, be sure to hit Loam Line for some big gap jumps.

While the jumps draw all of the riders in, it's still worth it to pedal all the way to the top of the mountain and reach the incredible viewpoints there! On top, you'll also find some deliciously rocky tech trails that provide a totally different feel.

And these four trails are just the highlights! Tzouhalem is a very complex, braided trail system with a nearly limitless number of possible trail combinations. Start with these four fantastic rides, and then go explore them all!

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