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Typically scenic riding on the ridge crest

Must-Ride Mountain Bike Trails near Rossland

Experience Rossland's legendary biking scene, including one of the most famous rides in BC!

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Typically scenic riding on the ridge crest
Typically scenic riding on the ridge crest Photo: Danny Swayze


Surrounded by the wilds of the Kootenays mountains, Rossland is one of Canada's most charming mountain towns. It's big enough that there's a bit of life but small enough to feel nicely quiet. The trails surrounding it are relatively quiet too, and the lack of mechanical uplift nearby means that only keen riders - willing to earn their berms - visit Rossland.

Here, you'll find a selection of the area's best rides, including the legendary Seven Summits trail - the most famous ride in the Kootenays and one of only 50 International Mountain Bike Association "Epics". The Seven Summits trail's length and beauty mean it is well worth all the hype, but there are other beautiful trails around Rossland, and this guidebook showcases them.

We've got local classics like the Red Top trail on Red Mountain (where Rossland's ski hill is) and the nearby (and recently created) Gold Digger trail, a route that should become a classic itself in the years to come. Elsewhere we've got great rides like Whiskey, which sits just to the south or Rossland town centre, and the shuttle-accessed Dewdney trail.

If those trails sound too much like hard work, we've also got some easy options like Blue Elephant and the Larch Ridge, Monticola and C.O.G.combination, which are easily accessed from Highway 3B, just north of Rossland. We've also got the brilliant, recently built Barclay Creek trail, which isn't really a Rossland trail (it's about 20 minutes outside town), but it's so good that, well, why not?!?

Whether you're looking for a leisurely hour-long cruise or a full-day mission, Rossland - and this guidebook - has you covered!

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