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Big views across the North Okanagan

Ride the Legendary Trails of Silver Star

The finest bike park in interior BC is well worth the hype, with an exceptional trail crew having created a world class riding spot!

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult

Big views across the North Okanagan
Big views across the North Okanagan Photo: Charlie Boscoe


With Whistler drawing most of the attention, Silver Star sneaks under the radar of many riders and is all the better for it. What would count as a quiet day at the Whistler bike park would be the busiest day of the season at Silver Star, and yet the riding at both hills is exceptional. Whistler might have more trails, but Silver Star has the solitude and a village ambience which only adds to experience of riding there.

Hidden away above Vernon, Silver Star is a popular ski spot but it's better known for its bike park and the superb crew who created and maintain it. The trails all feel natural but they're sculpted just enough to provide some immaculate riding and really consistent levels of difficulty all the way down. Some trails also have some truly amazing northshore features, and these are as well designed as you'd expect from the Silver Star crew.

The sheer volume of trails accessible from the Comet Express (Silver Star's main chairlift and the uplift for the bike park) can be slightly overwhelming. There's everything from effortless cruises like "Challenger" right through to trails which will challenge even the most advanced of riders such as "Dags", "Gnar" and "Downtown". In this guidebook we're focusing on the mid-grade routes which the majority of riders will make use of, but even within that criteria there's still space for plenty of variety and difficulty levels. From "Super Star" to the new-for-2022 "Outer Limits" these rides will provide plenty of entertainment and challenge for intermediate to advanced riders. There's one ride up option in here too ("Paradise & Snake Pit) but even that trail can be ridden off the lift should you wish.

If, on the other hand, you want to do a little more pedalling then check out our guide to 3 of Silver Star's best XC rides, including the legendary "Beowulf" - /discover/guidebook/108368

Whether you earn your trails or simply ride the lift to them, Silver Star is as amazing as you've been told!

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