An Epic Long Weekend of Ski Touring in La Clusaz

Escape the ski resort crowds and disappear into the wilds of the Aravis range with 3 incredible ski tours.

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe

Sun affected slopes at the top of the Bella cha combe
Sun affected slopes at the top of the Bella cha combe Photo: Sophie Nicholson


In recent years La Clusaz has been put on the map by local hero Candide Thovex, whose videos are amazing and terrifying in equal measure. The one-man tourism board that is Candide has turned La Clusaz from a sleepy little resort into a freeride destination, and the area is definitely worthy of its recent hype. Just check this out if you don't believe us -


What is less known about La Clusaz is that it's the gateway to some incredible, wild-feeling ski touring in the Aravis mountains. The limestone peaks of the Aravis are completely different to the granite spires of the nearby Mont Blanc Massif and the area is also much quieter than the celebrated peaks above Chamonix as well. Again, if you're not convinced, take a look at this lot -


The tours close to La Clusaz are all car to car affairs and require you to earn every metre you ski. As all good ski touring connoisseurs know, that's usually a sign of both and quality and solitude! There are 3 tours listed here and all take you deep into empty, wild valleys and onto some spectacular high ground as well. Almost as a bonus, they all feature some pretty blower skiing too!

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