A Multi Activity Week Around Munich

As well as being a centre of culture, history and architecture, Munich also offers endless possibilities for exploring the great outdoors!

Alpine Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Trail Running Moderate, Difficult

Also in Tirol, Austria

Deep in the forests, just a few hundred metres from the bustle of the city
Deep in the forests, just a few hundred metres from the bustle of the city Photo: Charlie Boscoe


So you find yourself in Munich with a week to play with and want to explore and experience as much as possible....This is the guidebook for you. Inside are 2 urban trail runs (which will showcase some of the wonderful sights around the city centre), 2 mountain bike rides, 2 mountain hikes and even an adventurous non-glaciated mountaineering adventure!

Some of the adventures here are tough to reach without a car but of the 7 trips described, 5 can be easily reached using the efficient and clean German and Austrian public transport systems. All of the journeys to get to these adventures are incredibly scenic so there is some additional enjoyment to be had just getting to them.

For the multi discipline outdoorsperson who wants to sample the best of everything Munich has to offer, this guidebook is the perfect place to start.

If you're in the city outside of summer and want to combine the 2 city trail runs described here with some amazing skiing, these guidebooks are for you -



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