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5 Idyllic Nature Hikes Around Berlin

Reconnect with nature without straying too far from the city lights.

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Berlin is a fantastically green city... well, once winter’s grey sky has lifted and summer is in full bloom! 18% of Berlin is forest, and 23% is composed of bodies of water, parks, and farmland, which are pretty high percentages for a capital. Its vast amount of beautiful freshwater lakes make it the largest water landscape in all of Germany, together with the neighbouring region of Brandenburg. So although Berlin may be extremely flat and developed, it still provides its residents with a lot of opportunities to escape the concrete and immerse themselves in the natural world.

There's a tremendous number of lovely parks in Berlin, but if you want to go a step further into greenery and the great outdoors, then try these hikes in Berlin’s wilder patches of nature. All the hikes listed in this guidebook are reachable by the S-Bahn from Berlin.

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