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A dramatic finish to the ascent.

Cold Snow, Big Peaks & Epic Coffee : Ski Tours in Aosta

Beneath some of the most famous mountain ranges in the Alps lies this gorgeous little Roman town and some superb ski tours!

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A dramatic finish to the ascent.
A dramatic finish to the ascent. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


With the Mont Blanc Massif and the Zermatt 4000ers to the north and north-east respectively, Gran Paradiso to the south and the Monte Rosa range only 20 kilometres to the east, the Aosta valley can be overlooked somewhat as a ski destination. Many ski tourers drive through the valley between 2 of those famous ranges listed above, but few actually stop and sample a tour en route. This guidebook aims to right that wrong and get a few more tourers enjoying the fabulous ski adventures that the Aosta region is home to.

The area is also home to some wonderful towns and villages, the most famous of which is Aosta itself - a rustic town with a history which pre-dates the Romans. Nowadays it's a typically bustling Italian town which has countless excellent restaurants and cafes, all selling the tasty food and phenomenal coffee for which the country is famous.

The 3 tours described here are all in different parts of the Aosta region so traveling between them will enable you to get a feel for the area and see exactly what it has to offer. None of the tours in here are tough but with the Mont Blanc Massif so close at hand, it's not hard to find a challenge if you're looking to up the ante somewhat!

If, on the other hand, you're keen to combine some human powered skiing with a bit of lift assisted freeriding, check out our guidebook to Aosta's main resort, Pila.


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