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Entering the lower couloir.

The Top 10 Ski Lines at the Legendary Helbronner

Known locally as the "Pleasure Dome", Helbronner is a truly wild place to ski, reserved for the most skilled and adventurous skiers out there.

Freeride Skiing, Ski Touring Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Also in Haute-Savoie, France

Entering the lower couloir.
Entering the lower couloir.


Helbronner might just be the most adventurous freeride venue in the World - the terrain is huge and the area is bathed in sun all day long. This combination makes the skiing truly incredible, but also potentially dangerous because hot sun and 2000 vertical metres of 30 - 40 degree terrain is a scary combination. If you're going to ski here, pick your days and times carefully!

If the stars align and these lines are in good, safe condition, any of them will provide a truly unforgettable ski experience. You'll need luck, judgement, skill and experience to get any of these lines done, and you'd need to add patience to that list if you want to ski them all!

A good way to work through these would be to combine doing so with skiing the finest freeride lines in Chamonix. By doing this you can pick which side of the Mont Blanc Massif to ski on each day depending on conditions and weather. If you're wondering what the best lines in Chamonix are, here is your answer!


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