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Heading down to Hjørundfjord

Classic Ski Tours in The Sunmøre Alps

A collection of brilliant beginner and intermediate ski tours in a legendary mountain range!

Ski Touring Easy, Difficult

Heading down to Hjørundfjord
Heading down to Hjørundfjord


Lyngen, Lofoten and Senja might get the headlines, but the Sunmøre Alps are home to some of the best ski touring in Scandinavia. The snow conditions aren't quite as reliable as in the aforementioned ranges to the north but when Sunmøre is good, it's unbeatable.

We've got a collection of tough Sunmøre ski tours elsewhere in FATMAP (/discover/guidebook/38869) but this guidebook focuses on beginner and intermediate tours. There's everything in here from a lift-assisted adventure (Kleivdalsfjellet South Face) and boat-assisted adventures like the Lissjenibba 'Blaeja' Traverse, through to more standard Norwegian touring fare like Kopphornet/Klovtinden Nord. There are also some good options for bad weather days like Melshornet - a tour which can be completed in just about any conditions.

As if the skiing wasn't good enough, Sunmøre also houses some lovely little towns to explore. All of them feature charming Norwegian houses, quaint waterfront bars and - in some cases - superb fish and chip shops!

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