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The entrance off the couloir

Epic Descents in the Sunnmøre Alps

Imagine skiing all the way down to the fjord after seeing the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean...

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe, Extreme

The entrance off the couloir
The entrance off the couloir Photo: Emil Neby


The beautiful area of the Sunnmøre Alps provides some of the best skiing that Norway has to offer, all in fantastic surroundings! Here you will find long descents, beautiful alpine faces, steep couloirs and powder snow - in other words, everything a skier can dream of. This is a guidebook for the more experienced skier seeking their own way down the mountain.

Due to its location next to the sea, Sunnmøre has a coastal climate with generally changeable and unpredictable weather. The winters are mild, but this also unleashes the potential for huge dumps of powder. Only in mid-winter you can expect to ski all the way down to the fjords - during the spring the snow generally starts from 300-400 meters above sea level. The season usually lasts from December to May, but if you are willing to boot some vertical meters you can definitely find good skiing in the high mountains in June as well.

Here you will find a selective pick of descents from the area. The east face of Vardehornet and the bowl of Grøtdalstind are perfect for mini golfing. In addition to the "Third couloir" of Sætretind, you will find other tempting couloirs in the massif as well, all perfect for steep skiing. "Skårasalen to the fjord" and "The Canyon Descent" of "The Finger" are scenic descents which often have good snow where you can pull off some big turns. Still there are a lot more routes to choose from, and yet more undiscovered terrain!

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