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The summit of Rander's Peak

Spectacular Ski Tours around Hjørundfjorden

Alpine mountains and the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean make this area one of Norway's most beautiful ski touring destinations

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

The summit of Rander's Peak
The summit of Rander's Peak Photo: Emil Neby


The mountains around Hjørundfjorden make up what we know as the Sunnmøre Alps. The special thing about Sunnmøre is the diversity - the range of different nature-based experiences you can get within a small area. From the peaks of Sunnmøre you can look beyond a fantastic alpine landscape and straight down into deep fjords. Out west at the coastline you can see the sun set into the Atlantic Ocean. Although the popularity of the area has lately been increasing, you can still be all on your own if you choose the right route!

Sunnmøre has a long history of skiing, with traditions all the way back to 1908 when Ålesund ski club was founded and the first ski ascent of Kolåstinden was made. These early years also saw the first light of the concept "Sail and ski", when ski enthusiasts from Ålesund came sailing into Hjørundfjorden to arrive the foot of the mountains. Alongside the arrival of modern ski touring equipment in Norway in the 2000's the popularity of the area has been steadily increasing.

This is a guidebook that combines the classic routes of the area with some less crowded routes. "The Finger" and Vardehornet are great introductory trips to the area in moderate terrain. You will find the ultra classics at Kolåstind, Skårasalen, Blåbretind and Rander's Peak - these are the longest trips in this collection. The ski tours to Grøtdalstind, Dalegubben and Kjerringa are of the same character as the classics, but with shorter approaches and offer great skiing in super fun terrain. They all have in common the spectacular scenery that Sunnmøre provides. There is diversity in both length and steepness, so there is guaranteed to be a ski tour for every level in here. A trip to the peaks around Hjørundfjorden will be a memory of a lifetime, this is after all world-class ski touring!

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