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Sunset on south face of Kirketaket

Classic Ski Tours in Romsdalen

The finest ski tours in one of Norway's most popular mountain destinations

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Sunset on south face of Kirketaket
Sunset on south face of Kirketaket Photo: Emil Neby


The mountains in Romsdalen have everything, from high alpine peaks to deep fjords, from long traverses in the spring to deep powder mid-winter. The variety of the terrain in the region provides ski touring for every level, many of them with easy access. Romsdalen has character and ski enthusiasts come here from the across whole world!

The endless possibilities and the diversity of terrain in Romsdalen are the key appeals for the ever-growing ski touring community. Here people go ski touring before and after work - on a blue bird powder day you can be sure that Kirketaket is going to be crowded. But still, if you go to the right places you can be all on your own with untouched snow.

Romsdalen is in a mid zone between coastal and inland climates. The westernmost parts are exposed to the ocean and are generally a bit warmer. The eastern parts lies higher and more protected, and usually have a colder climate. Normally you can start the season in November and you can still go touring when the road opens on top of Trollstigen in May/June. Weather from north-west is an almost-certain powder alarm, bringing in huge amounts of humidity from the ocean.

Here you can go touring and enjoy great views over the ocean and the mighty Troll wall at the same time. This is a guidebook to the most classic routes in the area, providing ski adventures for every level. Skorgedalen is a great introduction place for the area in general, with short approaches and moderate terrain. Here you will find routes such as Skarven and Smørbottfjellet which are great ski tours for beginners, as well as for the experienced. Further into Isfjorden lies the ultra classics of the area, with the famous Kirketaket, Kjøvskartind and Galtåtind. West of Åndalsnes you will find less crowded areas like Innfjorden and Måndalen. Here you will also find classics like Nonstind and Skjervan, the last one quite challenging and providing a real alpine adventure!

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