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Summit of Vestre Styggedalstind

3 of the Finest Alpine Climbs in Jotunheimen

A trio of beautiful mountaineering adventures amongst Norway's highest peaks.

Alpine Climbing Difficult

Summit of Vestre Styggedalstind
Summit of Vestre Styggedalstind Photo: Emil Neby


Home to the 29 highest mountains in Norway, the Jotunheimen is the jewel in Scandinavia's impressive mountaineering crown. The mountains there are high and wild, and they're separated by deep, green valleys - it all adds up to a stunning landscape which any mountain lover will enjoy.

There's a lifetime of adventure to be had in the Jotunheimen and in this guidebook you'll find 3 routes which exemplify what the area is all about. For those looking for the biggest challenge that the Jotunheimen has to offer, look no further than the Styggedalsryggen traverse - arguably the most remote and wild-feeling route in the whole region.

If you want to get a couple of routes in the bag before tackling that, then Austanbotntindtraversen is a good place to start. Comfortably doable in a day, the route takes you to a wild summit without requiring any climbing harder than French 4+. There's also some abseiling and other rope work required so the route is ideal for getting some mountain mileage in. The next logical step is Skagastølstindtraversen - judged by FATMAP writer Emil Neby to be the greatest alpine traverse in the whole of Norway. The route is longer and more involved than Austanbotntindtraversen but if you can do it in a (long) day then you're probably ready for the Styggedalsryggen traverse.

Once you've got that done you'll have earned the right to call yourself a Jotunheimen mountaineer, but your exploration of the area will just be beginning!

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