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5 of Norway's Most Epic Alpine Climbs

Norway isn't exactly short of amazing mountains (!) Here are 5 of the very best the southern part of the country has to offer.

Alpine Climbing Moderate, Difficult

Also in Møre og Romsdal, NorwayOppland, Norway

Styggedalsryggen Photo: Emil Neby


Lacking any huge or Matterhorn-shaped mountains, Norway slips under the radar of the many hikers and climbers who flock to the Alps every summer. That's a shame for them, but great news for the few adventurous souls who do make the pilgrimage to Scandinavia's most mountainous country. From Tromsø, Lofoten and Senja in the far north (all of which we've got ski guidebooks to elsewhere in FATMAP) through the rugged central fjords and down to Romsdal, Jotunheimen and Sunmøre in the south, the country is basically one big mountain playground.

This guidebooks focuses on those last 3 regions - the triumvirate of beautiful mountain ranges which leave climbers and hikers between Molde and Bergen spoiled for choice when selecting their adventures! Romsdalhornet, Norway's most popular climb/scramble is in here, as is Snøhettatraversen, a classic traverse over the highest mountain in Dovrefjell. Over in the Jotunheimen you'll find "The Big 3" all here - the wild and remote multi-day Styggedalsryggen traverse, the legendary Austanbotntindtraversen and - best of all - Skagastølstindtraversen; Norway's greatest alpine traverse, according to local expert and author of the routes, Emil Neby.

So, next time you're in the Alps wondering if there might be a quieter option which doesn't involve queuing for lifts and navigating tourists on busy high streets, head to Norway for wilderness, epic routes and outstanding scenery!

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