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Flow Down the Easiest MTB Trails in Verbier

If you're looking for flowy singletrack riding in the Alps, head to Verbier!

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Ba Combe / #8
Photo: Greg Heil


Verbier exemplifies what it means to be a mountain destination in the Alps. One of the most famous ski resorts in Switzerland, Verbier anchors the expansive Four Valleys region as the epicenter, the hub, from which everything else spins.

Verbier's mountain tourism efforts whole-heartedly encompass the mountain bike scene in the summertime. While some classic Alps destinations, like Chamonix and most of Austria, are decidedly anti-mountain bike in their legislation, lack of trail building, and lack of bicycle infrastructure, Verbier embraces mountain biking with open arms.

The Alps are renowned for their difficult, demanding mountain bike trails. If a destination offers any easy trails at all, they're usually pretty boring and not really worth riding. Thankfully, Verbier demolishes that stereotype! While most of the trails in Verbier are indeed very difficult, the resort still offers a healthy array of easy trails to choose from—if you know where to look.

In the bike park, Tsopu is the go-to trail for flowy shredding. This fast, flowy track is a true crowd-pleaser for riders from intermediate to expert. The Chototai trail is also quite approachable. However, it does take some effort to reach Chototai from Verbier, so the route shown here documents all the trails and lifts that you'll need to take to reach this gem.

For more natural trails, be sure to check out Ba Combe and Croix de Coeur, which partially overlap each other. Both of these trails are located fairly close to Chototai, but they offer a more natural singletrack experience. The smooth singletrack of these trails flows along beautiful benchcuts on the mountainside, offering fantastic views of the Grand Combin the entire time.

If you're looking for flowy singletrack riding in the Alps, head to Verbier!

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