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The Best Downhill Tracks in the Verbier Bike Park

Prepare for adrenaline-filled gnar-shredding in the rugged Verbier bike park!

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Verbier is renowned as one of the best places to ride a mountain bike in the Alps. This world-class resort caters to mountain bikers in every way possible, from a bevy of bike shops offering both service and rental at the base to bike-friendly lifts, well-built trails, and bike repair stands and ebike charging stations spread across the mountains. While the Alps has a reputation for welcoming mountain bikers with open arms, not every destination does so to the same degree. Verbier, however, is all-in on mountain biking in the summertime.

Verbier's most outstanding trails are arguably its epic enduro tracks, which can easily rank as some of the best mountain bike rides in Europe. While its bike park doesn't quite reach the level-1 tier of more expansive parks such as Les Gets/Morzine and Leogang, the downhill tracks at Verbier are still no slouch. In this guidebook, you'll find a wide selection of recommended downhill tracks, from solitary trails to combinations of trails that provide the best bang-for-your-buck runs.

If jumps and flow are your jam, then you need to head to Tsopu (for beginners and intermediate riders), Chotatai for intermediate riders, and Rodze for advanced riders. Chotatai does take some effort to reach from Verbier, and so the route shown here documents all the trails and lifts that you'll need to take to reach this gem. Rodze is la creme de la creme of jump lines in the Verbier bike park, offering no less than 65 tabletop jumps connected by perfectly-sculpted berms.

If you're looking to get rowdier on the mountain, Wouaiy is a great place to start. This long, steep run throws a bit of everything at you. Despite the berms up top, most of the track offers a natural feel, with some sketchy root webs and challenging rock gardens to keep you on your toes.

Bortabiche is one of the most visually-impressive trails in the bike park, with massive rock drops paired with extensive wooden bridges. While it might look easy from the lift, Bortabiche is anything but.

Finally, for the most challenging of all, head to Tire's Fire for a world-class downhill track that's hosted some of the world's best downhill racers. This track is steep and rugged and filled with all manner of gnar, from massive rock gardens to steep blown-out sections, root webs, ledge drops, gap jumps, and more. To nail Tire's Fire with style, you have to be a true expert-level rider.

A bike park pass will give you access to all the lifts so you can hit whichever trail you choose. A day pass costs 50 Swiss Francs at the time of this writing, but you get 50% off if you book lodging in the area and can claim the tourist tax. Bike park season passes are also surprisingly affordable (284 Francs at the time of this writing), and if you plan to return to Verbier even a couple of times during the summer, this might be the most economical way to get these fantastic downhill tracks dialed to perfection.

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