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Monte Rosa

Defining Big Mountain Skiing on the Monte Rosa Traverse

A fabulous high mountain journey taking in some of the highest and most beautiful mountains in the Alps.

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe

Also in Aoste, ItalyVercelli, Italy

Monte Rosa
Monte Rosa Photo: Valdo Raps


Starting and finishing in the famous alpine village of Zermatt, this is a great tour for mountaineering and ski historians, for whom the names of the mountains this route traverses will be very familiar.

The tour begins with a very welcome bump up to 3800 metres on the Klein Matterhorn lift and from there 5 days of views, summits and friendly huts awaits you. The skiing is never too challenging but the glaciated terrain and high altitude mean this is a trip not to be underestimated.

You'll need strong partners, good weather and plenty of red blood cells to get this route done but if you have them, be prepared for an amazing adventure!

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