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three fellrunners approach Hopegill Head

8 Picturesque Hikes around Keswick

8 hikes around the most enchanting part of the Lake District.

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three fellrunners approach Hopegill Head
three fellrunners approach Hopegill Head Photo: Peer Lawther


The Lake District is the UK’s most popular national park—15 million visitors a year come to ramble across boggy fells and scramble up craggy hilltops. It has a powerful landscape, with a rich palette of reds, greens, browns, and blues, and elements that hang together like a melody. The scenery almost calls you to feel the crisp breeze from the top of a peak or to plunge into a lake and become fully immersed in your surroundings.

Nestled in the national park is Keswick, a traditional market town with the tranquil Derwentwater on one side and a ring of mountains on the other, making it a perfect base for outdoor adventurers. Here are 10 terrific hikes in easy reach of Kessik, to get you out there exploring the Lakes.

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