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Wanstead Flats

10 of London’s Best Trail-Based Parkruns

Escape the pavement and immerse yourself in nature on 10 of London’s best trail Parkruns, from grass to woodland.

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Wanstead Flats
Wanstead Flats Photo: Andy Maguire


Parkrun has taken the running world by storm since its inception in 2004. With now over one million participants across the globe, it is a collection of 5-kilometre, timed running events that take place every Saturday morning at over 1,400 locations in 22 countries across five continents. They are free to enter and are run by volunteers. Whether you’re aiming for a 5km personal best or a social walk or jog, parkrun is inclusive to all fitness levels and is designed to bring people together and help them feel a part of a real, local community.

The format for parkrun is simple: register once, print your barcode, then turn up and take part wherever you want, whenever you want.

New to London, or just seeking to escape the concrete jungle for some nature immersion? In this guidebook, you'll find a curated selection of London’s top trail parkruns. From grass to woodland, they all have maximum dirt and minimal pavement. Meet up with locals every Saturday morning to test your limits on the marked course, or take the family and enjoy the routes in your own time.

For more information or to register for parkrun and download your barcode, visit: http://parkrun.org.uk/

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