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Saguaro National Park Rincon Mountain District

Stop and Smell the Cactus Flowers: Easy Hikes in Saguaro NP East

Casual hikes that are easy to reach from the city, and just happen to be in a stunning national park.

Hiking Easy, Moderate

Saguaro National Park Rincon Mountain District
Saguaro National Park Rincon Mountain District Photo: Debbie


Many people don’t know that the city of Tucson is sandwiched between two halves of a national park, making this city one of America’s best for outdoor adventures. Saguaro National Park’s Rincon Mountain District is just east of Tucson, providing a wealth of trails within easy reach of the city. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy a quick jaunt or long forays into the vibrant desert landscape at any time of year. You can avoid the desert heat by going early in the morning and during the winter months, and you’ll rarely have to worry about rain ruining your day.

Of course, the main attractions of Saguaro National Park are the cacti, but you’ll find a surprising bounty of other life in the desert as well. Giant saguaros dominate the landscape, and they’re surrounded by a host of other prickly plants, in all shapes and sizes, each with their own colorful flowers and fruits in season. The flora attracts an abundance of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife year-round. You’ll see geologic formations like sculpted canyons, and can even find rushing waterfalls at certain times of year.

To see all of this on a casual outing in the national park, explore these easy trails in Rincon Mountain District. Some begin from the Cactus Forest Loop Drive, within the main entrance. Others begin from trailheads outside the main park area, giving different options for access points and scenery. Perfect for a solo stroll or for the whole family, these trails explore some of the most amazing outdoors near Tucson.

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