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Grand Canyon Majesty: Hermit-Tonto-Kaibab Backpack Route

Skip the popular rim-to-rim-to-rim backpack and do this gorgeous Grand Canyon loop instead: Hermit-Tonto-Kaibab.

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Hermit-Tonto-Kaibab Loop: Hermit Trail to Monument Creek Camp


The most renowned backpacking route in the Grand Canyon is easily the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim route, which is essentially just a glorified out-and-back across the canyon. Why hike the same trail twice when you can instead complete an incredible loop through Grand Canyon National Park by using the Hermit, Tonto, and Kaibab trails?!

This loop "features some of the best scenery the canyon has to offer,” according to writer Jason Weiss. "It also can be customized due to the well-designed trail system in the Grand Canyon,” he continues.

We attempted to include as much customization as possible in this guidebook. Not only do the routes here outline the basic loop itself, but we’ve also included numerous optional side trips to gorgeous viewpoints along the route. Add in as many—or as few—of the side hikes as you’d like.

However you choose to tackle this backpacking route, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life!

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