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The Big Gap!

DH in Arkansas: Shred the Lake Leatherwood Gravity Project

Shred the only shuttle-supported downhill trails in the three-state area!

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe, Extreme

The Big Gap!
The Big Gap! Photo: Bob Robinson


Lake Leatherwood Gravity Trail Project (LLGTP), located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, isn’t on your way to any other major destination in the state; however, this remote, totally-rad trail system makes it well-worth the drive. As if these super rad trails aren’t incentive enough to make the drive, how about it having the only shuttle-supported downhill trails in the three-state area?

The state of Arkansas is raising the bar with each new trail being constructed in the Natural State, but LLGTP will always remain in the “must ride” category. Aaron Rogers of Rock Solid Trail Contractors pegged the fun meter with this set of downhill, adrenalin pumping runs.

With one green, two blues, three black diamonds, and one double black diamond, these aren't the same mountain bike trails your daddy rode. Almost all of the features have ride-arounds, but some of the ride-arounds will challenge many cyclists. For those riders possessing the skillset, these trails will be more fun than going to an amusement park.

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