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Felling the berm!

The Best MTB Trails Close to Hot Springs National Park

Explore superb singletrack trails just outside of Hot Springs National Park.

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Felling the berm!
Felling the berm! Photo: Bob Robinson


While Hot Springs National Park might be one of the smallest national parks in the USA, the trail system doesn't stop at the park boundaries. Just outside of this national park, an intricate network of singletrack has been constructed that provides some of the best mountain biking in Arkansas!

While Northwest Arkansas is the epicenter of a bonafide mountain bike trail building boom, the rest of Arkansas hasn't been left behind. Over the past decade, hundreds of miles of trails have been built across the state, and Hot Springs is no exception. In Hot Springs, you'll find miles and miles of progressive purpose-built mountain bike trails that are filled with jumps, berms, and rollers. The main trail system is known as "Northwoods," and it's being developed in three phases. This guidebook includes Phase I East and Phase I West. "When Phases II and III are completed, this 2,000-acre park will total 54 connected miles of singletrack," said local mountain bike journalist Bob Robinson. "If Phases II and III match the high bar set by Phase I, no matter where you live, if you ride a mountain bike, Northwoods Trails needs to be on your to-do list," he continued.

For a totally different trail vibe, pedal on over from the Northwoods Trails to Cedar Glades. There, you'll find "old school singletrack where your speed is only limited by how fast you can pedal, because there isn’t a lot of elevation gain to power your descent," according to Robinson. "However, there are several gradual hills that make for long, fun descents that meander through pine forests, with some natural undulating terrain where you can grab some small air."

These three trails are all close to the town of Hot Springs, but further outside the city, the riding gets wild and adventurous! Be sure to read the dedicated backcountry mountain biking guidebook for even more fantastic riding in Central Arkansas.

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