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4 Trails to Shred in Little Rock, AR

Grab your bike and hit one of these 4 must-do trail rides near Little Rock, AR.

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Little Rock, Arkansas, may be one of the most unsuspecting spots on Interstate 40 to visit and ride bikes. To the southwest, the town of Hot Springs hosts countless options to ride, hike, or run. To the northwest, the iconic town of Bentonville sits as the mountain biking capital of the Midwest. While somewhat easier than either, and despite fewer miles of singletrack overall, Little Rock hosts several urban, state, and private parks that simply must be explored. Whether you’re local and are looking for a quick ride after work, or you're passing through and hoping to stretch the legs, these are 4 of the top mountain bike rides to explore in central Arkansas.

Right near the heart of downtown, Allsopp Park is a local favorite, and for good reason. Separate north and south loops offer a fast and flowing ride through scenic forests tucked quietly between neighborhoods. Ride from town, from your house, or hit the Arkansas River Trail and make your way to the trailhead along the city's longest greenway. The park also includes a playground, numerous sporting fields, group picnic areas, and many of the paved pathways are even handicap accessible. There’s something at Allsopp for everyone in the family.

Not far away, Boyle Park is another popular trail system near town. The classic Grilled Loop has been described by LittleRock.com as the perfect opportunity for mountain bikers "to build speed and practice their technique in the heart of Little Rock." As with Allsopp, there are full amenities and easy access from nearby neighborhoods, and the loop is a perfect ride for beginners or those looking to hone their cornering skills.

If you’re looking for a bit more climbing and faster descents, then make your way west of town to Rattlesnake Ridge Natural Area. The route that we’ve chosen offers one of the more complete tours of the hillsides, but there are plenty of options to modify your route as you go. A one-way climb for mountain bikers leads up to the ridgeline, then you have a series of stacked loops to pick from for your ride down. The parking area is quite large, and there is a kiosk with detailed information on the trails when you arrive. Be mindful of busy weekends and holidays, since Rattlesnake is one of the more technical places to ride in central Arkansas. Also, give the trails time to dry after rain since they don’t tend to drain as quickly as other areas.

Lastly, the Camp Robinson 5 Miler can be enjoyed north of town in an area self-described as “a sustainable trail building and stewardship community.” While a trail pass or recreation pass is required to enjoy the trails, they are easy to obtain, and the trails are even open to night riding! In addition to the classic ride you’ll see mapped here, several stacked loops offer plenty of options to come back and try something different. A map and smartphone are recommended for newer riders to become familiar with the area, and the abundance of singletrack is sure to impress every type of rider.

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