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Looking down towards Santa Monica

Stunning Mountain Hikes near Malibu

Enjoy some solitude and breathtaking views close to one of America's most exclusive zip codes

Hiking Easy, Moderate

Looking down towards Santa Monica
Looking down towards Santa Monica Photo: Beau Horyza


There are many desirable neighborhoods in the US generally, including plenty in Califronia specifically, but few are more sought-after than Malibu. With the mighty Pacific Ocean stretching out in the distance and the many attractions of LA close at hand, it's easy to see why the rich and famous make their home in this most beautiful and convenient of spots. It's one of the few places where one can have both the fun of a city and the serenity of nature close at hand, and - sadly for us mere mortals - property prices reflect this! That said, there's no reason why everyday folks can't enjoy hiking above Malibu, and this guidebook should help you do just that.

The hills behind Malibu are part of the wonderful Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, a playground where you could literally spend a lifetime exploring. There are sub-ranges within the area, but any boundaries are artificial and don't follow natural features - treat this wild area as one big adventure theme park and enjoy discovering it.

The five hikes here are merely a taste of Malibu's hiking opportunities, and those with an adventurous spirit will be rewarded if they see our suggested routes as starting points rather than goals in themselves. We've included plenty of routes to natural wonders, but there's also cultural interest to be found here, including a quintessentially Hollywood-esque hike to the MASH TV Set. Nowhere does that combination of nature and kitch quite like the Hollywood Hills.

Whether you're looking for ocean views, desolate mountains or (and this is assuming you've got a few bucks) a property to buy, Malibu is an amazing destination!

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