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Arapahoe Basin frontside

Train Like a Local: In-Bounds Ski Tours at A-Basin

Earn your turns on Arapahoe Basin’s legendary ski terrain.

Freeride Skiing, Resort Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Arapahoe Basin frontside
Arapahoe Basin frontside Photo: Arina P Habich


Arapahoe Basin is legendary for its expert terrain and long ski season. Not only that, the resort accommodates uphill access, making it one of the top destinations in Colorado for resort ski touring. Even with the road-shuttle backcountry lines of Loveland Pass nearby, A-Basin beckons anyone willing to earn their turns. If you can allow yourself to settle for an in-bounds tour, you’ll enjoy a relaxed approach on groomers to just about any kind of run you want to ski. From corduroy highways to cornice drops, you’ll find quite the variety and some truly expert runs just on A-Basin’s frontside. This mountain is home to a thriving uphill scene all winter and spring because the locals know where to get the best bang for their buck. Almost anytime throughout the ski season, and regardless of conditions in the backcountry, you can be sure to get a solid tour at Arapahoe Basin.

A-Basin requires an uphill pass for access, and though there are certain limitations, morning and evening uphillers have a lot of freedom on the mountain. With the pass, you can skin up any frontside green or blue runs outside of operating hours, and have your choice of descent. Even during operating hours you can go up one designated route. See the resort’s Uphill Access page for policies and more information. In this guidebook, you’ll see the daytime up-track plus some suggestions for off-hours uphill. You’ll also see some of the best runs for possible descents. Keep in mind that runs may close for maintenance or any other reason, so what’s available will depend on the day that you’re there. Pay attention to signage when you arrive, and be sure to get your uphill pass in advance. Then once you’re at the mountain, use this map to navigate your ideal tour around The Legend, Arapahoe Basin.

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