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Best Hikes in Morrison, Colorado

The small hamlet of Morrison is the gateway to a slew of fantastic hikes.

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While "Denver" might be renowned for its incredible outdoor access, the truth of the matter is that most of "Denver's" trails are actually located in and around the communities of Morrison and Golden. The hamlet of Morrison lies directly to the south of Golden, just off of the C-470 bypass around the Denver Metro Area and just north of Highway 285—a major conduit into the mountains.

While Golden is a city in its own right, the town of Morrison is only home to 396 residents as of the 2020 census. Yet this small area is separated by distinct geographical features—the hogsback known as Dakota Ridge to the east, the red rock formations to the north, and the classic Front Range mountains to the west.

Morrison is probably best known for Red Rocks—the most famous concert venue in Colorado and one of the most visually stunning concert venues in the world. But what many concertgoers may not realize is that Red Rocks Park, which abuts the Matthews / Winters Park and Open Space, is home to a slew of fantastic hiking trails, ranging from easy to strenuous. The climb to the summit of Mount Morrison also begins directly from the edge of the park, ascending to an iconic 7,881-foot towering above the picturesque valley.

If beautiful hiking trails with unique geological formations entice you, then set your sights on Morrison the next time you find yourself in the Denver Metro Area!

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