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Rider: Greg Heil

Keystone Bike Park: An Endless Sea of Downhill Gnar

Keystone reigns supreme as Summit County's go-to downhill mountain bike park, filled with gnarly rocks and challenging wooden features.

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Rider: Greg Heil
Rider: Greg Heil Photo: Marcel Slootheer


While Breckenridge dominates as the go-to resort for downhill skiing in Summit County during the winter months, when the season switches to summer, Keystone reigns supreme. Keystone has offered downhill mountain biking for many, many years. As one of the OG downhill mountain bike parks in Colorado, the trails are characterized by an endless onslaught of gnarly rocks and challenging features.

If you’re looking for buff flow trails, you’d better head someplace else. While the one top-to-bottom green run does have some flow features, you won’t find a true buffed out flow line in the Keystone Bike Park. Yes, you can find some sweet jumps… but even between those jumps riders should expect to encounter roots and rocks as they prepare for the next hit. The jumps themselves are also narrower and more demanding than the hits you’ll find in most other bike parks. Don’t expect wide, forgiving tabletops a-la A-Line!

Instead, riders head to Keystone for the gnar. While even the so-called “intermediate” trails offer respectable chunder, once you head to the black diamond and double black trails, all of your technical bike handling skills will be called upon to navigate the endless see of rocks, roots, and drops. Particularly notable is the series of chutes on High Speed Dirt—you have to check ‘em out!

Keystone also offers a delightful array of wooden features on their double black diamond trails, including an iconic corkscrew on Sanitarium that soars 30 feet off the ground at its highest point! It’s increasingly rare to find wooden features on mountain bike trails, especially in Colorado, so be sure to savor Keystone’s unique flavor.

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