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Summer in Breckenridge: The Best Mountain Biking Trails

If you've only visited Breckenridge in the winter, do yourself a favor and plan a summer trip this year.

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Colorado Trail: Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge


Breckenridge, Colorado is easily one of the top downhill skiing destinations in the world. If you expand the scope from just Breckenridge Ski Resort and take in the rest of Summit County, some would argue the region is the top downhill skiing destination in the world. But if you only visit Breckenridge in the winter, you’re missing out on a summer season that’s, if anything, even better!

Breckenridge is surrounded by a massive spider web of bike-legal singletrack ranging from smooth and flowy to steep and gnarly. Quantifying exactly how many miles of singletrack can be ridden in the area is difficult, as it all depends on how big you draw the circle around Breck. The short answer is “hundreds and hundreds.” Seriously, if you come to Breckenridge to ride, there’s definitely a trail here for you!

That said, if I had to characterize Breckenridge mountain biking, it would fall closer toward the cross country/trail end of the spectrum. The web of interconnected loops featuring big climbs on mostly-smooth singletrack rewards the rider that likes to pedal and pedal. This is one reason why the Breck Epic, a multi-day stage race, has gained such notoriety—there’s no better place to hold a massive mountain biking stage race!

A few trails do stand out as exceptions to the cross country rule, such as Miner’s Creek, which is included in this guidebook. If you want to go fast and get gnarly, you can still find those gems here, too. However you choose to ride Breckenridge, you’ll leave wanting more!

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