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Breckenridge Resort: Enjoy Mountain Biking the Easy Way

Dip your toes in the sport of mountain biking, or enjoy a chill day on the mountain, thanks to Breckenridge's lift-served cross country mountain bike trails.

Mountain Biking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Game Trail
Photo: Greg Heil


The Breckenridge Bike Park isn’t really a “bike park” in the traditional sense of the term. Rather, it’s a selection of lift-served cross country trails that, through the use of a chairlift, eliminate the difficult part of mountain biking—namely, the climbing. Many of the trails found in the park are designed for tourists who may have never ridden a mountain bike before. If you fall into this category, buying a ticket at the Breckenridge Bike Park could prove to be a superb addition to your vacation, allowing you to easily dip your toes into the sport of mountain biking! To get started easy, try out the Whirl and Swinger trails.

If you’re a more advanced rider, Breckenridge Bike Park won’t offer up the gnarly, technical downhill trails that you might expect. To find those types of trails, head to nearby Keystone. However, there are still a few gems to discover here. Most notably, the Game Trail is a ripping XC trail with stunning views up high and some high speed rock gardens down low. Again, it’s most definitely a lift-served cross country trail, but it checks all the boxes of being an engaging, entertaining singletrack ride!

Don’t come to the Breckenridge Bike Park expecting big jumps or features, but if you set your expectations accordingly, you’ll have a blast soaking in the epic mountain scenery from these flowy stretches of downhill singletrack!

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