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McCullough Hills

An Easy Introduction to Mountain Biking in Las Vegas

Pedal down Vegas's flowiest trails.

Mountain Biking Easy, Moderate

McCullough Hills
McCullough Hills Photo: Greg Heil


While the desert outside of Las Vegas may seem like a brutal, unforgiving landscape filled with mountains of sharp rocks, if you choose the right trail, you'll be treated to a delightful mountain bike experience devoid of technical difficulty. Certain trails offer a smooth, sandy trail tread that swoops through the mellow arroyos of the desert, bobbing and weaving up and over small hillsides. The kinesthetic swoop and flow of these trails is guaranteed to put a grin on your face!

Arguably the easiest loop in the region is the Mustang Loop. At just 3.8 miles and with 380 feet of climbing, this bite-sized ride is a perfect introduction to Las Vegas mountain biking! For a little more mileage from the same trailhead, the Dead Horse -> 3 Mile Smile Loop offers 14 miles of swooping singletrack through the desert.

For another quick ride close to town, the 5.5-mile jaunt on Step Mom, Your Mom, and Alice provides a fantastic flowy mountain bike experience! And to guarantee that you leave with a grin on your face, try out the nearby Perma Grin Loop.

Finally, for a longer cross country-style jaunt but with almost no technical challenge, head to the McCullough Hills on the southern edge of the metro area.

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