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Rider: Greg Heil

10 Best Mountain Bike Rides near Lake Tahoe

Explore the best mountain bike trails in one of the world's most famous mountain destinations.

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Also in Nevada, United States of America

Rider: Greg Heil
Rider: Greg Heil Photo: Greg Heil


Lake Tahoe is easily one of the most famous mountain destinations in the world. The region initially came to fame because of the crystal-clear waters of the largest alpine lake in the USA, along with a massive array of ski resorts lining the nearby mountains. While mountain biking has always been a thing in Tahoe, in recent years, the Tahoe mountain biking scene has really blown up.

In this guidebook, you’ll find 10 of the best rides in the region, ranging from classic routes to new school trails built in the last couple of years. With difficulties ranging from beginner to expert, this deep selection of mountain bike routes will answer all of your Tahoe mountain biking questions.

Years ago, the only major rides in the region included a few sections of the Tahoe Rim Trail, the Flume Trail, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. But over the past decade or so, the Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association has doubled down on both building new trails and improving existing historic routes. These efforts have lead to a more cohesive and entertaining mountain bike trail system than ever before... and the area just keeps getting better. Head to Angora Ridge and Sidewinder -> Corral to check out some of the newest trails.

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