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The Best Singletrack MTB Gems near Los Angeles, CA

Uncover a wealth of singletrack mountain biking gems hidden in the hills and mountains surrounding the megalopolis of Los Angeles, California.

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Chilao / Silver Moccasin Figure-8
Photo: Daniel Hughley


Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis filled with cars, buildings, and strip malls for miles. With a population of 18.7 million people in the Los Angeles-Long Beach combined statistical area, most outsiders wouldn’t even dream of coming to Los Angeles to mountain bike. But the millions of adventurous people that live here know that despite being such a massive megalopolis, LA has easy access to incredible singletrack trails right on its doorstep!

Los Angeles is confined to a relatively limited geographical area by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the San Gabriel Mountains on the other. The San Gabriels soar to heights over 10,000 feet, rising dramatically from the edge of the city. Most of this mountain range is protected by the Angeles National Forest, the most visited national forest in the United States. The mountain biking opportunities in the Angeles National Forest are abundant! Even closer to home for the locals, the greater LA area—especially Orange County—has a surprising number of fantastic suburban parks chock full of trails for shorter outings.

The origin of mountain biking in Marin County just north of San Francisco combined with the hub of business and culture that is Los Angeles has led to Southern California becoming the de facto headquarters of the mountain bike industry. While the Front Range of Colorado is making a bid as the new industry HQ, the influence of the mountain bike industry on the Southern California scene is strong. The trails teem with riders, races of all types continue to proliferate, and shops and businesses support the continuation of the sport.

While perhaps you might not travel to Los Angeles specifically to mountain bike, if you happen to live in LA or visit with your bike, this guidebook will help you uncover the true mountain biking gems in the region.

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