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Tuckerman Ravine

Tuckerman Ravine: The Northeast’s Best Adventure Skiing

A legendary glacial cirque in New Hampshire's White Mountains which is home to some mind-blowing ski lines...welcome to "Tucks"!

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Tuckerman Ravine
Tuckerman Ravine Photo: gpparker


While the Presidential Range of New Hampshire has an abundance of alpine gulfs and ravines, none are as beloved and well known as Tuckerman Ravine.

With easy access to some of the most exciting terrain in the American east, it’s natural that skiers gravitate to this area. Every spring, thousands of skiers will make the 2 hour approach to the floor of Tucks to enjoy spring corn on the glacier eroded slopes. From classic puckering descents such as the Headwall, tamer classics such as Right Gully and big ski mountaineering lines such as Stovepipe, you’re almost guaranteed a fun adventure in Tucks.

One word of caution - don’t be fooled by the East coast myths; Tuckerman Ravine and other zones like it are dangerous places. Avalanches, falling ice, long sliding falls and other big mountain hazards exist here. Carry a beacon, probe and shovel and know how to use them. Use crampons to ascend steep terrain. Avoid traveling directly below gullies and ice features. Ski one at a time and be courteous other skiers and riders. In other words, treat this place with respect whilst enjoying it to the full.

The Mount Washington Avalanche Center issues an avalanche forecast every day at 7:00am and you can use this as a resource to plan your day.

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