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Brevard MTB: Ride the Best North Carolina Gnar

Challenge yourself on Western North Carolina's renowned gnar with these top trails near the MTB mecca of Brevard.

Mountain Biking Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Laurel Mountain


Western North Carolina is renowned for its massive network of gnarly singletrack hidden beneath the towering canopy of a temperate rain forest. While you can find the occasional beginner-friendly trail in this region, the singletrack here has a reputation for breaking both bikes and riders with its unrelenting brutality.

That reputation is well-earned.

You can expect to push your bike while navigating these routes… a lot. Those steep ups lead to steep downs, and when your tires point down the mountain you’ll bash over massive boulders and through rolling babyheads, washed out trenches, exposed root webs, slick sections of mud, deep creek crossings, and so much more. When you do encounter the occasional section of smooth, flowy singletrack, you’ll wonder, “how did this rare gem fall out of the sky and land here of all places?!”

But let’s be honest: the technical descending is indeed the true gem in Brevard. When you arrive home, you will undoubtedly return a more talented, more confident rider than when you left.

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