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Jackson Hole just begging to be skied.

Salt Lake to Jackson - A Bucket List Ski Roadtrip

If you want to sample some of North America's best and most famous skiing in the space of a week, this is the trip for you.

Freeride Skiing, Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Also in Wyoming, United States of America

Jackson Hole just begging to be skied.
Jackson Hole just begging to be skied. Photo: Perfect Zero


One of the "problems" (it's a nice problem to have) with skiing in North America is that the continent is so vast, and the options so numerous, that figuring out where to go can be difficult. You could fly to any state or province in the West of the continent and you'll find some great skiing, but arguably none of them can match Utah and Wyoming for quality of terrain and consistency of snowfall.

Sampling the best of both states is actually not as difficult as it might seem because the driving distances involved are surprisingly short. You just need to get to Salt Lake City, rent a car and get driving!

This guidebook gives you 10 lines to go at, starting close to Salt Lake City then taking you north to Snowbasin and then up to the legendary Jackson Hole via some wilderness tours at the Teton Pass. If you've got time to explore any of the areas further, we've got you covered with these guidebooks to each area -






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