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Steep chute off James Peak

Uphill in the Wasatch: Resort Ski Touring near SLC

Get your fix and stay fit for touring with these inbounds uphill routes near Salt Lake City.

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Steep chute off James Peak
Steep chute off James Peak Photo: Shutterstock


Even though the Wasatch backcountry is second to none––with plentiful access, boundless terrain, impeccable snow, and a long season––there will always be times when going into the backcountry is not the best option. It might be avalanche danger, snow or weather conditions, or simply your schedule for the day, but sometimes an inbounds lap is just the thing to satisfy your touring itch.

There’s no shortage of ski resorts in the Wasatch either, with untold thousands of visitors flocking to them each winter. Unfortunately, these resorts are built for vacationing crowds and are much less accommodating to the local skimo scene, so uphill travel is severely restricted in most places. Nonetheless, there are still ways to skin on piste, if you know where and when to go. It’s important to observe the rules in place, in order to preserve and hopefully expand the access currently offered. You should always research approved routes and current policies before you go uphill at any resort.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guidebook, showing designated uphill routes throughout the Wasatch. You can tap on any track for more information, including links to the relevant policies. We hope you’ll use this guide to get on the snow safely, efficiently, and legally whenever it’s not the right day for the backcountry. But because many of these routes can be used for backcountry access as well, the decision to leave the resort is up to you. So whether you’re gearing up for a big day among the peaks or simply showing up for a fitness lap after work, these resort routes can be your gateway to ski touring in the Wasatch.

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