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The Best Beginner MTB Trails in Greater Zion Utah

Discover the smoothest and flowiest mountain bike trails in Greater Zion Utah.

Mountain Biking Easy, Moderate

Bearclaw - Stucki Loop
Photo: Greg Heil


In the southwestern corner of Utah lies an area of incredible geologic beauty known as the Greater Zion region. Here, massive slabs of red sandstone bedrock rise from the earth, forming stunning cliffs, domes of rock, and breathtaking slot canyons. Nearby, huge flat-topped mesas rise thousands of feet above the surrounding landscape. And in the distance, snowcapped mountains tower above the entire tableau.

This expansive region is a mountain biking hotspot filled with trail systems of all varieties and sizes. However, Greater Zion Utah is renowned for its highly-technical expert-level mountain bike trails. This legacy has been cemented by Red Bull Rampage: the annual gathering of professional freeride mountain bikers on privately-owned terrain near the town of Virgin for the world's premier mountain bike competition. While the lines that these pros ride during the competition are entirely unattainable to 99.9% of mountain bikers, the videos produced in this dramatic terrain of red rocks and steep dirt spines imbues an insatiable sense of longing in the souls of mountain bikers from around the world.

The reality of mountain biking in Greater Zion Utah is dramatically different from the made-for-TV version. The region is home to all varieties and difficulties of desert mountain bike trails. If you don't want to try Red Bull Rampage stunts or anything close to it, then this guidebook is for you. In this guide, you'll find the best beginner-friendly trails spread across Southwest Utah.

The views on the Jem Trails are second to none, making this network one of the most popular in the region. The swoop and flow of the Bearclaw Poppy Trail with its choose-your-own-adventure style of mountain biking also makes it a perennial crowd-pleaser. The Desert Canyons trail system is home to the newest tracks to be built in the region, and the quality of the construction is superb!

And that's not all. Read through all of these fantastic non-technical mountain biking routes to pick out the one that sounds best to you!

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