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Dody Ridge

Roanoke, Virginia: "Mountain Bike Capital of the East"

Check out the superb mountain bike trails in IMBA's only silver-level Ride Center on the East Coast.

Mountain Biking Moderate, Severe

Dody Ridge
Dody Ridge Photo: Sam Dean Photography - Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge


Roanoke reigns supreme as the only silver-level IMBA Ride Center on the East Coast, leading some locals to label Roanoke as the "Mountain Bike Capital of the East." Since Asheville/Brevard, North Carolina, and the Kingdom Trails in Vermont aren't listed anywhere on IMBA's Ride Center list, you do have to take the label with a grain of salt, but there are no two ways about it: the mountain biking in Roanoke is absolutely stellar!

The #1 go-to mountain bike trail system in the region is Carvins Cove. Spanning 12,700 acres of land, Carvins Cove "is the fifth-largest city park in the United States, and the second-largest city park managed by a municipality," according to Wikipedia. Home to over 60 miles of trail, you can create as easy or as difficult of a mountain bike ride here as you desire! On the easier end of the spectrum, stick to the lower trails for less climbing and more flow. To ratchet up the challenge, pedal higher up the mountain to access Hi-Dee-Ho, Gauntlet, and more.

If you're looking for a true backcountry challenge, head deeper into the formidable Blue Ridge Mountains to the west of the city. Here you'll find a massive array of backcountry epics, with Dragon's Back one of the most renowned.

Finally, for a quick in-town hit, Mill Mountain is a local's favorite, and provides stunning views across the city of Roanoke—especially at night.

And these are just the area highlights. As you dive deeper into the Roanoke mountain bike scene, you'll unearth even more challenging backcountry epics, fantastic beginner trails close to home, pumptracks to play on, and all manner of mountain biking fun. So pack your bags and hit the road to Roanoke!

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