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The views from SST are choice!

Galbraith Mountain: The PNW's Premier MTB Trail System!

Explore the Northwest's premier trail system with one of these 5 recommended routes.

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The views from SST are choice!
The views from SST are choice! Photo: Greg Heil


The singletrack mountain bike trails hidden in the deep rain forest on Galbraith Mountain have garnered acclaim from riders from around the world. This renowned trail network is now considered to be one of the best mountain bike trail systems on the planet!

Galbraith offers "over 65 miles of singletrack that winds through 3,000 acres overlooking the city of Bellingham and Bellingham Bay," according to local mountain bike advocacy group WMBC. "The mountain is accessible to all non-motorized users, but all of the trails are built and maintained by the WMBC. Because of the quantity of trails, the mountain can handle hundreds of hikers, runners, horse riders, and bikers during the course of the day without trail users feeling like the trails are busy!"

Thanks to this massive spread of trails, every mountain biker can find their ideal trail here… if only they know where to look. Jump lines like Unemployment Line and SST get most of the press, but easier flow lines like Bob's are perennial crowd-pleasers. Technically-oriented riders can find steep, fall line chutes hidden away in the far reaches of the trail system, and true beginner riders can enjoy the flat, flowy trails near the mountain's base.

If you're looking at Galbraith's spider web map and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, never fear! All you need to do is choose one of the five recommended routes in this guidebook, head out, and have a blast!

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