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Sparkle Trees

Crystal Mountain

A short steep glade for experts

Freeride Skiing Difficult

302 m
0 m
176 m
Low Point
1.8 km
High Point
2 km
Sparkle Trees Map

This short steep glade is worth it for those searching for untracked snow well after a storm. Access this run through the most open slot through the trees on the SE side of Lizard's Back ridge. Once through the trees, look for the most open section for turns. This glade gets a bit steeper on the furthest left. This is a short run and does not often get many tracks. Compared with adjacent longer runs on either side, this run is a great place to find a few well-earned fresh tracks long after a storm. Due to the lack of skier compaction, watch out for avalanches. The run ends in mature timber. Watch for tree wells. Follow the gradient to the groomed outrun.



Serious gradient of 30-38 degrees where a real risk of slipping exists.

Low Exposure (E1)

1 out of 4

Exposure is limited to that of the slope itself. Getting hurt is still likely if the slope is steep and/or the snow is hard.


2 out of 4

Away from help but easily accessed.


  • Trees
  • Cliffs
  • Walk Required

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