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The view to the north from the summit.

The 5 Finest Half Day Hikes in the Wildkogel Arena

4 high mountain treks and a trip alongside Austria's highest waterfall to showcase what this little known area is all about!

Hiking Moderate, Difficult

Also in Salzburg, Austria

The view to the north from the summit.
The view to the north from the summit. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


A quick glance at the high, glaciated peaks of the nearby Hohe Tauern Nationa Park tell you that there are some major mountain challenges to be had in the Wildkogel area. However, there are also plenty of easier hiking options in the region, and 5 of them are displayed here.

4 of the routes in here are half-day trips starting from the top of the various Wildkogel cable cars, and there's also the Krimml waterfalls hike - one of the best (and most unusual) short trips in the Austrian Alps. The Krimml trip is also great in bad weather so if you're ticking these hikes off, save that one for a rainy day and use blue sky days on the other 4 trips.

In the course of doing these trips you'll likely also spot a load more cool-looking adventures....

Here they are!


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