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Kitzbühel Gravity Riding: From Beginners to Experts

Kitzbühel isn't just a winter destination. Discover the best MTB trails in this guidebook!

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult

Photo: Francesco Drago


If you are into winter sports, you probably won’t need any introduction to Kitzbühel. This area boasts a long ski tradition, hosting the most famous alpine ski race in the world. In case you aren't familiar with this destination, Kitzbühel is located in the heart of Tyrol, framed by the Kitzbüheler Horn, and the South Mountains.

However, if you only know Kitzbühel in wintertime, you still have to visit in the summer to experience a huge slice of the charm this alpine region has to offer. It is not a new trend: for decades, Kitzbühel has been one of the top international all-season destinations in the Alps. There are many activities to discover in this region during the warm months, such as mountain biking.

Kitzbühel is a small but complete mountain bike paradise in the heart of the mountains! It doesn't matter if you want to collect kilometers on your road bike, climb hundreds of meters of altitude on your mountain bike, or prefer to go for a downhill ride only — all of these options are possible here. In this guidebook, we will cover all the options for gravity mountain biking in the area. This guidebook offers a suitable route for all demands and ability levels.

For most of the trails listed in this guidebook, you would have to ride back to town, passing by the Schwarzsee - the perfect location to jump into the cool, healthy moor water and finally enjoy the warming rays after a perfect bike ride!

The town offers a special flair, thanks to the midst of the surrounding mountains, the picturesque historic village centers, the living tradition, and the intact nature. The town itself is charming, really well maintained, but really pricy as well. In such a destination, you obviously won't want to miss the culinary delights, because Kitzbühel has an endless array of restaurants offering different kind of food, from local to international kitchen.

Kitzbühel is also a perfect destination thanks to its location and accessibility: three train stations, uncomplicated connections to the surrounding airports such as Innsbruck, and a functioning network of public transport. The way to the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps is never too long.

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