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Vienna seen from Leopoldsberg

Spellbinding Scenery on Vienna’s 3 Most Beautiful Hikes

3 hikes that really show off the splendour of Vienna’s surrounding nature.

Hiking Easy, Moderate

Vienna seen from Leopoldsberg
Vienna seen from Leopoldsberg Photo: Thomas Fabian


Vienna is world-famous for its rich cultural scene: from classical music to elegant coffee houses and famous symbolist painters. But Vienna should also be put on the map for the spellbinding scenery that surrounds the city. Woodlands, vineyards, lakes, and mountains are all there to be discovered, with over 240 kilometres of hiking trails in the city alone.

If you don’t want to stray too far from city comforts, but still feel like you’re getting out in nature, try the gentle Stadtwanderweg 4 - Jubilaumswarte hike. Those wanting more of a climb should head up Leopoldsberg, where you’ll be rewarded with fantastic views across Vienna after a hike through forests, fields, and even beautiful vineyards.

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