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View over vienna from Kahlenberg

Nature in the City: Vienna's Hiking Trails

The Wiener Stadtwanderwege are some of the best hiking routes near the city. All are reached by public transport, then venture into countryside and forest on the outskirts.

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View over vienna from Kahlenberg
View over vienna from Kahlenberg Photo: ~Silvinka~


Vienna’s city hiking trails (Wiener Stadtwanderwege in German) are loop routes on the peaceful outskirts of the city, where pavement gives way to vineyards and forest. They offer a mix of nature and urban amenities, so you can always find a meal and a drink, or even a place to spend the night, along your hike.

By hiking the trails, you’ll experience the city from many different angles: elevated viewpoints on surrounding hills, dense foliage of the Vienna Woods, open fields with rows of grapes, narrow lanes between centuries-old walls, the waterfront of the Danube, and more.

The Stadtwanderwege number more than ten, and are dispersed around the perimeter of the city, all accessible by public transportation. Each one offers a different experience and various attractions along the way. The best views over Vienna are from Trail 1 - Kahlenberg, 1a - Leopoldsberg, and 4 - Jubilaumswarte. Lovers of wine should not miss Trail 1 or 5 - Bisamberg. To walk deep in the woods, far from city streets, hike Trails 2 - Hermannskogel, 3 - Hameau, 6 - Zugberg-Maurer Wald, or 8 - Sophienalpe. For the best blend of urban and natural scenery, staying close to urban comforts, do Trails 1a - Leopoldsberg, 4a - Ottakring, 7 - Laaer Berg, or 9 - Prater.

You can hike all of the Stadtwanderwege and keep a record of each with the Wanderpass. This pass is not required for hiking, but lets you collect a stamp for each trail you’ve hiked as a souvenir. Get the pass online or in the information office inside City Hall.

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