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Vienna's Finest Easy Hikes

Beautiful strolls around Austria's capital which are suitable for all family members - both human and canine!

Hiking Easy


Vienna is a beautiful, historic city full of vibrant culture and fascinating sights. It's also remarkably close to some wonderful natural spots, and in this guidebook we'll offer some suggestions about the easiest ways to enjoy these. All of the hikes described in here are easily accessed via Vienna's excellent public transport network and are graded "Easy" on FATMAP's scale. If you've got young kids and are trying to introduce them to hiking, these trips are ideal ways of doing it. All the hikes are dog-friendly too, so these really are ideal trips for the whole family.

Austria is home to some of the finest (and quietest) mountains in the Alps, but the terrain around Vienna is much more rolling than that of the country's western regions - on these hikes you can expect mellow ascents and descents, forests, rivers and bucolic scenery instead of epic vistas. Some of the hikes are actually on the edge of the city and combine urban sights with natural wonders, some are a little further afield, but all provide a bit of welcome peace and solitude.

The hikes here are amongst the so-called "Stadtwanderwege" - Vienna's best known hiking trails which are managed by the city's local government. You can hike all of the Stadtwanderwege and keep a record of each with the Wanderpass, and we've got the complete list of Stadtwanderwege here - /discover/guidebook/7490.

Nature meets urban life in one of Europe's greatest cities - enjoy!

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