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Looking across the lake with Old Glory visible behind

Hikes for the Entire Family near Rossland, BC

Get your nature hit or introduce your kids to the wonders of mountains on these 5 exceptional, easy hikes.

Hiking Easy, Moderate

Looking across the lake with Old Glory visible behind
Looking across the lake with Old Glory visible behind Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Whilst many Canadian mountain towns are high, rugged places, Rossland is much more family-friendly, with plenty of easy trails to choose from, as well as some excellent facilities like a skate park and swimming pool. It's an ideal place to take kids for their first "real" mountain holiday, and these 5 hikes are perfect for getting them enthused by the joys of nature. Even if you don't have any kids with you these hikes are still worth doing for anyone who enjoys easy strolls in beautiful scenery.

Two of the hikes in here (the trip around Rossland's drinking water reservoir and the trail to Kootenay Columbia Mountain) can both be accessed on foot from Rossland town centre, and the other 3 are a short drive to the north. All of the hikes are non-technical and all whisk you quickly into peaceful forests which feel far removed from the pleasant bustle of Rossland town centre. One thing to bear in mind on all these hikes is that despite their relative proximity to civilisation, they all take you through wild terrain - be "bear aware" and make sure you carry some basic emergency gear.

There's no logical order in which to do these hikes - the only way they differ is length and height gain - so just pick them off as time and conditions allow. The Viewpoint Cabin and Lepsoe Cabins Loops are usually the last to dry out after winter, so if you're here in June or early July you might want to give those two a miss. Other than that, get exploring!

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