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4 Classic Tech Trails in Squamish

Trade in the big berms and jumps for this series of challenging tech lines.

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Angry Midget
Photo: Greg Heil


While Squamish is famous for its artfully-crafted flow trails filled with massive berms and tabletop jumps, if you're looking to ratchet up the difficulty, you'll find plenty of tech trails to explore here as well. In this guidebook, you'll find four classic Squamish tech trails that are guaranteed to challenge your bike handling skills.

While Squamish's Diamond Head zone is best-known for its flowy masterpiece of Half Nelson, you can also challenge yourself here on two steep, root-filled fall line trails known as Angry Midget and Ditch Pig. Both of these trails rocket straight down the mountain, blasting through webs of roots, launching off drops, and guaranteeing a riotous rip of the first degree!

If you continue heading downhill past the dirt road, you'll find yourself in the "Somewhere Over There" zone, also known as the Lava Flow area. Here, moto trials trails combine with mountain bike-optimized lines to create a veritable smorgasbord of technical riding. From steep, rippled rock slabs to root webs, rock gardens, and narrow bridges, Somewhere Over There is a technical masterpiece!

Finally, the Alice Lakes Trail System is home to the bulk of Squamish's famous rock slabs. Whether or not you consider rock slabs to be "tech riding" might depend on your perspective, but there's no debating the difficulty of this recommended route through Squamish's classic rock slabs. Rocks on rocks on rocks—the hits never stop!

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