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5 Classic Enduro Tracks in Whistler and Pemberton

Test yourself on these 5 classic enduro race tracks in the mountain bike mecca of Whistler and Pemberton.

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Crazy Train


Often called "The Mecca of Mountain Biking," Whistler has been a staple part of the Enduro World Series and has hosted a race here every year. With this selection of routes, you can link up a bunch of stages and see firsthand just how quickly those racers are getting down these trails.

Having access to amazing race tracks allows us at Instinct Development to train athletes using the very tracks they will race on for their events. They can compare times and lines with the pros to improve their own riding and understand where they sit. We can use our timing system to pull apart sections of each trail to squeeze out those extra seconds that can make all the difference.

Even if you're not into racing, there is a reason these trails are selected to be in all the events: they are long, challenging, and so much fun to try to ride fast!

This guidebook includes trails with a variety of difficulties, from a full blue descent on some of Pemberton's trails to one of the hardest and gnarliest race tracks in Whistler—Crazy Train. The events that included the respective trails were:

— Crazy Train - Whistler EWS 2017 - Steep and gnarly with a big rock feature. — Hey Bud - Whistler EWS 2017 - Rooty Blackcomb classic. — Rudy's - Pemberton Enduro 2022 - The best corners in the Sea to Sky? — Max Pains and back Pains - Pemberton Enduro 2022 - Fast and flowy Pemberton blue trails. — Golden Boner - Whistler EWS 2022 and CNES 2022 - Rough, technical, and physical race track. — Chipmunk Rebellion - CNES 2021 - High-speed Whistler blue tech.

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