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Mont Blanc

Selected Hikes with the Best Views of Mont Blanc

Looking for alternative ways of admiring Mont Blanc? This list is for you!

Hiking Moderate, Difficult, Extreme

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc Photo: Greg Heil


If you hear about hiking in Chamonix, it’s usually in relation to the Tour du Mont Blanc, also affectionately known as TMB. But if you’re looking for something a wee bit different, fear not! There are plenty of trails ranging from easy and family-friendly walks to more intense hikes.

For instance, Head to Les Houches, where you’ll find a bevy of trails. If you’re looking for one that gives the most bang for your buck, head over to Aiguillette des Houches to see some of the best panoramic views along the Mont Blanc Chain. Hiking around Lac Blanc and Lac des Chéserys also promises some stunning views of the mountain, because they are on the opposite side of the valley from Mont Blanc. Check out the rest of this list for some other gems!

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